Transitioning from Intune Hybrid to Standalone

So I recently had to take a customer from using Intune with SCCM to Intune Standalone. To complete this you have to log a call with Microsoft who will reset the MDM authority for you. The process requires a blank slate so you have to completely clear any mobile devices from SCCM before MS will go ahead. They provided the following action plan to be completed ahead of kicking off the MDM reset.

Steps to be performed:-

  • Retire all Modern Devices (mobile devices) from within the Configuration Manager Console. It is important that you do not attempt to retire a device from the device itself for this procedure to be executed. Let us Know if any devices are in a “pending state’ .
  • Set the Intune User Group in the Intune Subscription to be “blank”, restart SMS Executive, confirm in the CloudUserSync.log that all users are removed.
  • Delete the iOS APNs certificate
  • Delete any and all published applications that are for MDM Devices
  • Delete any and all polices that are for MDM Devices
  • Remove the Windows Intune Connector from within the Configuration Manager Console

Once you confirm this is completed MS will pass the request to the product team to complete. They quote 1 to 5 days for this but it ordinarily takes 2 days.

In my case we had to ask MS if they could go ahead without having cleared all the devices up front due to time pressures and they said they strongly recommended against it and we would be responsible for any problems caused. Apparently devices in this state when the authority is reset may not be able to enroll in future or receive policies correctly even if they do…


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