The Autodiscover Internal\External URL

I’ve learned a lot about Autodiscover recently, I’ve meddled with it for years but a recent project has taken me to new depths and I thought I’d offer one titbit of information that had me confused for a while.

The Autodiscover Internal and External URL’s as accessible via the Get-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory cmdlet are not required in Exchange 2007 or 2010! They are a red herring in your quest to understanding how to publish Autodiscover correctly. In Exchange 2013 the Internal\External URL attributes have been deprecated from the AD Virtual directory which will save us all some confusion.

Access to Autodiscover is achieved internally using the Autodiscover URI which can be viewed using the Get-ClientAccessServer cmdlet and corresponds to the SCP records in AD that Outlook looks for if logged onto and talking to your domain.

Access to Autodiscover externally is nothing more than a DNS entry, Exchange doesn’t care per se how you reach it, its simply name resolution of autodiscover.yourdomain that leads the outlook client to your perimeter. Better description here

If you think about it why would an Autodiscover External or Internal URL be required, the entire purpose of the other CAS URL’s is as endpoints to the various Exchange services, if you are already fetching the Autodiscover.xml why would you need URL’s to talk to Autodiscover?